At BRK, safety is our highest priority, and is part of the fabric of who we are. We embrace safety in the work place, and we know it is as much a part of our job as driving a nail or swinging a hammer. A successful safety program begins with each team member making a commitment to perform their job in a safe manner at all times.

Safety doesn’t just happen, it comes first through hours of training, and then through strict enforcement. For training, our foremen and superintendents are required to obtain either an OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 hour certificate. Our crews receive weekly “Tool Box Talks” that review job specific and related safety hazards. Safety enforcement is the other key to achieving a safe work place. BRK managers perform daily jobsite safety inspections and ensure that all BRK’s safety policies are being followed.

Our efforts in safety have resulted in BRK receiving an Experience Modifier Rating (EMR) that is better than industry average. In the end, our number one goal is for each BRK team member to return home to their families each and every day!

BRK’s Safety Program is comprised of:

01 OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 hour certificates for Superintendents and Project Managers

02 First Aid and CPR training for Superintendents and Project Managers

03 Comprehensive Safety Manual

04 Mandatory fall protection program

05 PPE program for all team members

06 Weekly “Tool Box Talks” regarding job specific and related safety hazards

07 Daily jobsite safety inspections

08 Hard copies of SDS books onsite

09 Strict enforcement of a drug free work place