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Always out front.

In meeting customer needs, leading in build and development practices, and doing the right thing, we'll always be out in front.


What we do.

BRK Services performs wood and metal framing as well as drywall, door, and acoustical ceiling installation. While some may treat your project like a commodity, BRK takes a vested interest in the success of your project and every project we step foot on.

Our values.


Process Oriented

We believe in a process-oriented approach instead of a results-oriented approach. By following the process on every level of what we do, we are confident that the desired results will follow.


We are vigilant about our relevance, and never take tomorrow for granted. Our team must be willing to adapt to the demands of an ever changing market.


We must be persistent in our daily pursuit of excellence with our customers. We achieve this by being responsive to their needs.


We conduct our work with a comprehensive approach, and we do so by being proactive instead of reactive. We think comprehensively, and strive to avoid problems whenever possible.


We put doing what’s right above all else.

Our work.

Our work is a reflection of who we are. Below are a select few of the projects we are proud to have been a part of.